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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 21st International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Cardiology(10 Plenary Forums - 1 Event) Las Vegas, USA.

Day 2 :

OMICS International Cardiology 2017 International Conference Keynote Speaker Yoshiaki Omura photo

Yoshiaki Omura has received his Oncological Residency training at Cancer Institute of Columbia University and Doctor of Science Degree through research on Pharmaco-Electro-Physiology of Single Cardiac Cells in-vivo and in-vitro from Columbia University. He researched EMF Resonance phenomenon between two identical molecules for non-invasive detection of molecules, at Graduate Experimental Physics Dept., Columbia University for which he received US patent, and that became the main part of bi-digital O-Ring Test that he developed. He published over 270 original research articles, many chapters, and nine books. He is currently Adjunct Prof. of Family and Community Medicine, New York Medical College; President and Prof. of Int’l College of Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics, NY, Editor in Chief, Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics Research, Int’l Journal of Integrative Medicine, (indexed by 17 major int’l Indexing Periodicals) formerly, he was also Adjunct Prof. or Visiting Prof. in Universities in USA, France, Italy, Ukraine, Japan, Korea, and China.


Using Electro-magnetic Field (EMF) Resonance phenomenon between 2 identical molecules of identical weight, we can non-invasively and rapidly detect many molecules that exist inside of the body. Using this method, which received US patent in 1993, we were able to map most of the organ’s representation areas on the surface of the face, lips, tongue, hands and feet. When there is any abnormality for a specific internal organ, we found there will always be invisible or visible abnormalities that can be detected on the corresponding organ representation areas. The part of the eyebrows nearest to the nose represents the CardioVascular (CV) system. When there is an abnormality of the CV system, the hair in the eyebrow closest to the nose becomes whiter. When the problem progresses the white hair begins to disappear. When the hair at the eyebrows does not exist, there is almost always an abnormal response in the area and also cardiac Troponin I is significantly increased. If the patient has Atrial Fibrillation (AF), often, in the CV representation area corresponding to SA node and atrium area, there is a significant EMF resonance with monoclonal antibody of Borrelia burgdorferi (B.B.) spirochaete and a corresponding significant increase of ANP in the infected part of the heart at corresponding part of ECGs, while Lyme disease is not included among 13 possible causes of AF. On the face, there is another clinically important CV representation area existing at the left upper lip near the center of the mouth. Often, even if there is a CV problem, left upper lip CV representation area does not show any visible abnormality. However, there is always invisible abnormality. When there is a significant abnormality in the eyebrows at the CV representation area, there is always an equal amount of increased Cardiac Troponin I at left upper lip. If B.B. infection exists in the heart, B.B. resonance response can be found in the left upper lip CV representation area. If optimal dose of effective medicine is evaluated then abnormal, negative responses temporarily change to maximum positive responses. These infections can be screened non-invasively within several minutes and effective and safe treatment based on the individually detected cause(s) can be given after we examine the presence or absence of viral and/or bacterial infections and selecting the most safe, effective treatment available. In addition, the author developed a new method of detecting cancers from rapidly changing part of QRS complex and slowly rising part of T-wave of recorded ECGs.

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